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Posted by James Ryan

Everything you need to know about testosterone

a man in the gym lifting dead weight
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Testosterone is a well-known hormone found in both men & women. For sports people focused on building muscle tissue it has recently become a hot topic. A lack of testosterone in men is associated with issues concerning sexual health and fatigue. The right level of testosterone is very important for good health. The following article discusses why testosterone is important, how it can be monitored, and improved.

What do you need to know about testosterone?

Both men and women produce testosterone although women significantly less (a dozen or several dozen times less, depending on age). Testosterone gives men their male characteristics. It influences physical features such as voice, body hair, sex drive, fertility and erectile function. Testosterone also effects ambition and confidence. Additionally, this hormone supports the growth of muscles, bones & sperm. 

Men’s testosterone level increases during puberty and reaches the maximum in the twenties and thirties. Afterwards, with age increase, it decreases steadily at approximately 1% per year.

How do I monitor my testosterone levels?

HealthHero Ireland offers simple home finger-prick blood tests specifically for testosterone. The kits can be ordered online via our blood test services page.

How changing your lifestyle can improve testosterone levels?

A healthy lifestyle positively affects your level of testosterone. Here is a small selection of what you can do to improve your testosterone levels:

  • 30 minutes of aerobics a day - regular training optimize the work of blood vessels.
  • Strength exercises - training with weights increases the density of testosterone receptors, so testosterone itself works more effectively.
  • Avoid overtraining – too much exercise can lower testosterone levels as well as physical and sexual performance.
  • Change diet – A healthy balanced diet positively influences your metabolism and energy levels.
  • Lose weight – an increased level of fat reduces testosterone levels and can be the root cause of sexual performance issues.
  • Sleep well and control your stress – excessive stress and lack of sleep can lower testosterone levels.
  • Think like a winner – all your successes and assertiveness positively influence your testosterone level,
  • Stay sexually active – frequent sex increases testosterone level,
  • Consult with your doctor regularly – health problems, for example, diabetes, decreases testosterone level.

Can you blame low testosterone for your health problems?

Low level of testosterone can cause:

• decreased sex drive,

• erectile dysfunction,

• inability to conceive a child,

• overall tiredness,

• decreased body hair,

• decreased muscle mass.

• the growth of breast tissue.

If you are experiencing symptoms listed above you should consult with your doctor or consider one of HealthHero Ireland’s testosterone blood tests. 

Testosterone as a medicine? 

Testosterone therapy might be needed at any age when testosterone negatively affects one’s quality of life. Abnormally low testosterone level (hypogonadism) can be treated through prescribed testosterone medication. These medications can have a form of pills, patches, gel, bio-identical testosterone drops and liquid injected into the body.

Testosterone level decreases naturally with age. However, low testosterone levels are responsible for many unwanted symptoms. While it is important to check your testosterone levels if concerned about symptoms, testosterone treatments other than lifestyle improvements are rarely recommended purely for fitness or gym performance improvements. offers online medical services, and prescription services that are not only convenient, but also economical. Consider taking advantage of our secure descrete services & order a home blood test today.