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Bacterial vaginosis

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At a glance
  • If you have a bacterial vaginosis, the natural bacterial composition of your vagina is altered
  • Typical symptoms include a “fishy” odour, itching, burning sensation, and altered vaginal discharge
  • Antibiotics, frequently changing sexual partners or excessive vaginal hygiene possible are most common cause of BV

Most women (50 to 70 percent) do not experience any symptoms. However the most often symptoms include

  • Unpleasant "fishy" smelling odour
  • Itching and burning
  • Milky-watery or frothy, grey-white to yellow discharge
  • Constant need to urinate

Prescription medication can often help to effectively treat bacterial vaginosis. These are mostly taken orally in the form of tablets, as a cream or intravaginally as suppositories (vaginal suppositories). The duration of the treatment depends primarily on the severity of the disease. As a rule, the vaginal flora is returned to its normal state after seven days.