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Thrush is one of the most common infections that women experience and often occurs as a recurrent infection. It is estimated to affect almost all women at some point in their lives, and while not usually a dangerous infection, it is often uncomfortable, especially if it persists or recurs frequently.


The inflammation of vaginal thrush can cause discomfort, with symptoms including itching, an unpleasant discharge, as well as burning when passing urine (dysuria). In severe cases the skin can crack and ulcerate.


In men thrush can cause soreness and inflammation of the head of the penis, and is known as candida balanitis.



HealthHero Ireland provides both anti-fungal medication as well as pessaries and creams to treat thrush. Women taking the treatment should see an improvement within a few days. Some women will notice improvement in 24 hours.


For men, the condition can take a little longer to clear up. The symptoms should clear up within a few days, although this can take up to a week.


If your condition hasn't cleared up within one week, you should consult a doctor.