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Posted by James Ryan

How to buy the contraceptive pill In Ireland

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The cost of the contraceptive pill and doctor’s consultations in Ireland varies as consultations and prescription fee charges vary among GP practices and pharmacies. 


This article will explore how much the contraceptive pill is in Ireland, the cost of GP consultations and prescriptions, and how you can get a repeat prescription for the pill, including online services. 

How much is contraception in Ireland?


The cost of the contraception pill in Ireland can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and various pill brands come with different price tags, with generic brands usually working out cheaper. 


If you have a medical card you can receive free prescriptions for contraception, including the combined pill and the progesterone-only pill (mini pill). If you don’t have a medical card you may be able to get help with prescription costs through the Drug Payment Scheme or tax relief on medical expenses. 


In the 2022 budget, it was announced that in Ireland free contraception will be available to women aged between 17 and 26 from August 2022. This will include the cost of prescription contraception, such as contraceptive pills. It will also include the cost of fitting and removing various contraceptives, such as the coil (IUD) and other contraceptives such as the injection, patch, and ring. 


If you're aged 17-26, you can take advantage of the Free Contraception Scheme through HealthHero Ireland's prescription service to get your contraceptive pill, patches or ring. You just need your PPS number for the safety questionnaire - get started here.


Do I need to pay for my GP appointment before I get my contraception?


If you visit a GP practice to discuss your contraceptive choices, there will typically be a consultation fee. The cost of the consultation will vary as GP practices are able to set their own charges. However, if you have a medical card you don’t need to pay for a general GP appointment, your doctor will be able to give you free contraceptive advice. 


It’s possible to book a contraceptive advice-only consultation, this can be of better value rather than booking a general GP consultation. 


If you’re already taking the contraceptive pill then you don’t need to see your doctor to get a repeat pill prescription. You can order your contraception directly from your pharmacy or use online services such as the prescription service


You can also get contraceptive advice and prescriptions through voluntary organisations and private family planning clinics. Voluntary providers normally charge, however, they may waive the cost or they can offer lower fees for individuals in need. 


How can I order repeat contraception in Ireland?


There are various ways you can get a repeat pill prescription in Ireland, for example:


  • Form filled repeat prescribing from online services such as

  • GP face-to-face consultations

  • GP telemedicine consultations

  • Family planning clinics

  • Obstetrics and gynaecology services

  • Specialist women’s health clinics

  • Voluntary organisations 


What are the benefits of ordering contraception online? 


It’s possible to save both money and time if you order your pills through an online service. 


Using to get a repeat prescription of your contraceptive pills could save you the cost of the GP consultation fee which is approximately €50. 


Ordering online also provides you with the huge advantage of saving time as you can order your pills whether at home or on the go. You no longer need to book a doctor’s appointment, travel to your appointments, sit in waiting rooms, or try to book time off work. You can also use the ordering service day or night. 


Our German partner Fernarzt carried out research in Germany to estimate the amount of time taken to gain a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill. The research explains that you’ll need a new prescription every 6 months, so if you take the pill for about 30 years, you will need 30 additional appointments at your practice. This adds up to a travel time of 60 hours (2.5 days). This is a significant amount of time that you could save by ordering your pill prescription online.


Ordering your pills online also enables you to take control of your general health as you can input and monitor your biometric info such as your blood pressure, BMI, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. 


If you order your contraception with, it will only cost you €25. This includes your consultation and your prescription, which will be delivered to your local pharmacy. You just need to answer a brief questionnaire relating to your current pill prescription and a doctor will review it within 90 minutes. Once the doctor has approved your prescription you will be issued a repeat prescription. 



How much does the contraceptive pill cost in Ireland? The answer depends on how much your GP practice (or other consultation services) charge for a consultation and the cost of your brand of pill at various pharmacies. 


Using an prescription service allows you to take charge of your own health. You can also save money and the time booking and attending a GP consultation. 


Find out more about how can make ordering your contraceptive pill quick and easy.